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IntegrUS Credit Union is very different than a bank in that it is a member-owned financial cooperative. What does that mean? It means that you are the boss!

Building Success

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Why a Credit Union?

IntegrUS Credit Union is very different than a bank in that it is a member-owned financial cooperative. What does that mean? It means that you are the boss! We are a cooperative institution in which we pool members’ financial resources to provide services to other members.

We are focused on you – the member/owner.

Banks on the other hand are focused on making profit on their customers (“you”) to give a bigger return to their shareholders/owners (“not you”).

You’ll find that we have most of the products and services a bank offers, but they’re all designed to bring value to YOU and the entire membership.


Who Can Be a Member?

Membership in IntegrUS Credit Union is open to any educational institutional employee in 14 counties in northeast Iowa, northwest Illinois and southwest Wisconsin – this includes teachers, custodial staff, secretaries, food service, etc. and their families.

In addition to serving the educational employees and their families, IntegrUs serves the Employees at Klauer Manufacturing, previous Circle K Credit Union members and members of select Small Employee Groups are also eligible for membership.

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  • A group of teachers from the Dubuque Community Schools met to begin the process of organizing a credit union to service what they perceived as an underserved, dedicated and stable group of employees with a great financial need not being fully met by local banks.

  • The Dubuque Teachers Credit Union begins with a small group of teachers which had grown to 55 members with total deposits of $390.00 including the $0.25 individual membership fee.

    Membership is restricted to contracted teachers employed by the Dubuque Schools.

    Lester Becker was selected as the credit union’s first Treasurer and served in this position until September 1969 when Ted Stapleton became Treasurer.

  • Membership was opened to all Dubuque Schools employees with an annual contract.

  • Members could retain membership if they left the school system employment.

  • Members were allowed to continue a loan relationship if they left the school system employment.

  • Sally Miller became President/Treasurer and at that time the credit union had 341 members and assets of $183,045 and $35,000 in loans.

  • The credit union added Loras College, Clarke College (University) and the University of Dubuque to its field of membership.

  • The credit union added Western Dubuque Schools and Keystone Area Education Agency to the field of membership.

  • The credit union moved into its first office in Kennedy Court West in Dubuque.  Prior to this, the credit union was located in the President’s home.  Services like ATM cards, share draft checking and ACH were added.  The credit Union also added its second employee.

  • All the members of the JDC Uni-serve were added to the field of membership.

  • In collaboration with Alliant Credit Union and Health Services Credit Union, the credit union moved into a new “full-service” facility located at 1200 Associates Drive in Dubuque.

  • In July, Sally Miller retired as CEO after 33 successful years and handed the leadership baton to the new CEO, Jonathon Miller. At the time of Sally’s retirement, the credit union had $11.5 million in assets, a loan portfolio of $7.5 million and nearly 1600 members.

  • The credit union expands its field of membership to include employees of educational institutions in Southwestern Wisconsin and Southwestern Illinois and their families.

  • The membership of Circle K Credit Union, a credit union that served employees of Klauer Manufacturing in Dubuque since its’ founding in 1934, merges with DTCU. This adds over 200 new members and the credit union ends the year with $17.1 million in assets and a loan portfolio of $13.5 million.

  • The membership approves changing the credit union’s name to IntegrUS Credit Union.

  • IntegrUS Credit Union celebrates its 80th Anniversary and announces it planned opening of its second branch to be located at 3305 Asbury Road in Dubuque.  The new location will include Caisse Café, the credit union’s unique new coffee café-themed branch concept.

  • The credit union continues to flourish and grow, but remains dedicated to serving the financial needs of the educators and their families and employees of Klauer Manufacturing. We are proud to have over 1900 wonderful members and nearly $20 million in assets.